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4-balance Handels GmbH
Krottenseestraße 45/9
4810 Gmunden / Austria

Phone.: +43 (0)7612 644 11-0
Fax: +43 (0)7612 644 11-12
Mail: infomail

ATU 578 872 37

Firmenbuch - Wels/OÖ - FN 247198 b

General Manager
Thomas Georg Granegger, Thomas Plank


All texts, pictures and graphics are copyrighted by 4-balance Handels GmbH, A-4810 Gmunden, any use shall not be allowed without explicit approval. Unauthorised publishing is absolutely prohibited.

4-balance is a registered trademark and the products are protected by patent law.


Conditions of sale, delivery, and payment

1. Prices
Our prices are net prices ex warehouse. Packing cost and transport are charged separately. The price quoted is a day's price, any price increases that arise prior to delivery will be invoiced even if yearly call off orders are concerned. VAT is added.

2. Payment
Payment of the amount invoiced is due within 14 days from invoice date. Price rebates or discounts are not granted. We do not accept counter claims by clients in settlement of unpaid invoices.

3. Payment delay
If payment is made only after the due date we will charge interest 4% higher than the current national bank discount, but at least 12%, and we also demand compensation for all chase and collection fees.

4. Reservation of proprietary rights
All goods remain our property until they are fully paid for.

5. Warranty
We guarantee for our goods in accordance with the regulations of the ABGB and the commercial law. The client has to check the goods delivered immediately upon their receipt with regard to their completeness, correctness, and any faults discovered have to be reported to us immediately in writing, 5 working days upon their receipt the very latest. Only when we explicitly guarantee for their suitability can we be held responsible if our goods are used for special applications. According to our choice, our guarantee includes the delivery of the same type and quantity of goods with improved quality. The warranty period does not start again after the replacement delivery was sent. No guarantee will be provided if a third party becomes involved.

6. Place of performance and legal domicile
If there are any disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contract, then these disputes will be settled before a competent Austrian court of law responsible for our company location (4810 Gmunden). However, we are entitled to appeal to a different court of law, responsible for the client (principal). Only Austrian law is to be applied regarding the law relations with the client. Place of performance for all our deliveries and their payment is Gmunden.

7. Compensation
Unless they are the result of deliberate action or gross neglicence on our behalf, we preclude any claims from the client for compensation with regard to delivery delays, non-delivery, positive infringement of claims, faults when concluding the buying contract, consequential damages due to poor quality of goods, or due to illicit actions. We and our suppliers/sub-suppliers cannot be held responsible for consequential damages caused by faulty goods. The client is obliged to pass on this reservation to his own customers. Should the client be held responsible for reasons of product liability, then he will not exercise the right of recourse.

8. Purview
When placing orders with us, clients irrevocably and without reserve accept our sales, delivery and payment terms. Deviations from the contract conditions will only be considered to be in favour of the client if we explicitly recognise them in writing. These sales, delivery and payment conditions are applicable for all future deliveries of goods and - analogously - for accomplished performances on our behalf, even if these deliveries and performances are are not based on these sales, delivery and payment terms.

© Copyright by 4-balance Handels GmbH, A-4810 Gmunden.

Exclusion of Liability