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Electrode system

Water of colouring systems Effective application of the newly developed 4-balance foot-bath,
without any water colouring


4-balance is one of the leading producers of medical foot baths.

4-balance manufactures the traditional colouring electrode systems, where the colouring process is caused by a reaction of the electrode, the water and the saline solution.

The most recent development is the new concept of the revolutionary new non-colouring medical foot bath with an unmatched performance and a new ease of use.

The advantages of the new electrode system:

The new design of the electrode produces a much finer, softer and effective current, which stimulates the cell membrane
The newly developed electrode system uses new materials and does not colour the water
Our products have a consistent high performance which is independent from the usage of the electrode
The electrolysis process is visible through small gas bubbles in the water
No danger to allergy sufferers through metal oxide (chrome, nickel), as with inferior systems
100 guaranteed applications per electrode system for low running costs


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