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MFB 04
MFB 04 C
Electrode system


The lasting positive therapy experiences with the medical foot-spa MFB 01 encouraged us to develop a further advanced product for the professional use - the MFB 04.
The impressive new model is easy to operate and guarantees consistent hight performance in daily use and uses the revolutionary non-colouring technology.

MFB 04 - Applications and Indications


MFB 04

The MFB 04 consists of two parts - the base unit houses the electronic and is the docking station for the bath element.

The bath unit is easily removable for comfortable operation and fits all sizes.

The innovative electronic offers various new functionalities to simplify the use of this medical device.
The new functionalities are

-new non-colouring technology
-illuminated 4-line display
-easy current adjustment
-no salt overdose
-for applications up to 2,5 A
-free choise of time/current
-low running costs
-100 guaranteed applications/electrode
-display of the electrode consumption


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